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Fight to save sorting office and cut carbon footprint

I write to express my anger at the plans to close the sorting offices in Whitstable and Herne Bay and centralise these services in Canterbury (Delivery Office Set To Close In Two Years, Herne Bay Gazette, December 9). Whitstable’s sorting office is one of the largest employers in Whitstable and if it goes, then soon the jobs will also be lost to Whitstable people.

It would mean that posties would have to drive to Canterbury to collect their rounds and a postal van, then drive back to Whitstable to deliver the post before returning to Canterbury to return the postal van before driving home. Clearly this will have cost and time implications which many people looking for work would consider before applying for this work. Of course the environmental impact of all these senseless journey is almost as big a concern.

Another great worry is for people having to collect a parcel as they will now have to journey to Canterbury if they are out when the delivery comes. Many pensioners and people on benefits will find this very hard, and this closure proposal should be stopped.

I understand a stall will be held regularly in Whitstable with a petition opposing these plans. I hope everyone who cares about Whitstable jobs, and our carbon footprint. get out and show there support for this crucial campaign.

Nick Dent
Herne Bay Gazette, 9th Dec 2010

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