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Facts and figures for pier project

Firstly, can I thank GB Grundon on his in depth analysis of the Pier Marina Project (Yes To A Marina But In The Right Place, Letters and Opinion, Heme Bay Gazette, December 11). We have the full facts and figures surrounding the Pier Marina Project through a feasibility engineering study which cost nearly £20,000 and was completed by marine engineering experts with the backing of yet another global marine expert. I would just like to make it clear to Mr Grundon we have never ever suggested an entrance or opening on the north facing side. Where did this idea come from the entrance was on the north-facing side of the marina project? We had already looked into this with a very clear vtsion it would not he in the best interest of any boat or boat owner to have an entrance on the northern facing side we had suggested both south south west and south south east entrances from the sheltered coastline.

Being a boat owner for many years and a local sea angler since the age of eight years old living in Herne Bay for over the last 50 years, I have great knowledge of any pitfalls of the waters of this part of the eoathne so there was never any suggestion of an entry or opening to a marina from the north. With regard to Neptune’s Arm, if you care to come down there are many heats within the arm protected from any storm or swell you claim from the North Sea and have been moored there now tar many years all year round. There is no question that those boats are unsafe and the same would apply in the end of any new pier marina idea. Mr Grundon is fully entitled to in opinion and would I not see it any other way.

But we now have ours and have taken our advice from two other marine company experts who are still to this day, building marinas, piers and harbours of all shapes sizes and designs, not just around the UK and surrounding Isles all vulnerable from severe weather and harsh conditions like the Atlantic where tnftst of our weather comes from but around the world too whore hurriraries breed. On a final note, unlike most of the piers in the UK, Herne Bay Pier is not hated so any lottery funding would be very slim  indeed. That is why we decided to go down the private investor route with a viable idea with a marina attached that would work hence a dovetail economic report that followed the marina feasibility report.

Andy Newell
Gordon Road, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, December 18th 2014

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