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Facts about Altira Park

I would appreciate it if Dick Eburne checked out his facts first before criticising everybody else’s knowledge in future (Good Reasons To Turn Down Plans, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, October 2). His claims that Altira Park is not for retail but employment land. What is a supermarket Mr Eburne? A large employer of people? Their plan has since been agreed – a retail class Al Sainsbury’s will be built on Altira Park. Mr Eburne needs to also realise that Altira Park is already of mixed classes — a hotel and the Table Table restaurant for which the Planning inspectorate was called in to overrule Canterbury City Council. There are other units Class B1. Planning is a lottery these days and all down to supply and demand. Finally, Mr Eburne needs to understand I do not need to look at any old postcards of Herne Bay seafront because I have lived in the town since the early 1960s, so I not only walked the second longest pier in the world but I fished from it too. I would also remind him of how many bed and breakfasts and hotels this town once had to cater for all the visitors coming to visit the pier and why all other UK councils are backing their piers around the UK which in turn bring so much prosperity and economic benefits to their respective local areas.

Andy Newell, Gordon Road, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, November 27th 2014

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