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Ex-builder laments sad state of toilets for disabled

CLOSED: The toilets and shelter in Central Parade
CLOSED: The toilets and shelter in Central Parade

A HERNE Bay man has highlighted the issue of toilets for the disabled on Herne Bay seafront having been closed for months. Dave Lee Giles says the toilets and adjoining shelter on Central Parade have been closed for more than four months. He said:

“The toilets for able-bodied people are open, but the disabled ones aren’t. They’ve been closed off for more than four months. It’s anyone’s guess what’s going on — there’s no signage to tell anyone. The lights are on all day despite the place being fenced off. It’s obviously not good news for disabled people, on top of that the site just but sits there making Herne Bay look shabby – and that’s the last thing it needs.”

Mr Giles says he keeps watch on the state of Herne Bay and its amenities during his strolls with his dog. He believes the toilets should not be a difficult job to tackle. He said:

“I’m an ex-builder. I can see that you just need to replace some beams to make them useable again.”

However, a Canterbury City Council spokesman said:

“The centre section of the building is falling down and, as the toilets for disabled people are in this area, they have been closed for safety reasons. The gents and ladies toilets remain open. We are having a full structural survey carried out with a view to refurbishing the toilets as soon as possible. Toilets for disabled people are available around 400 metres away at the bandstand.”

For Mr Giles, though, the determination to stay vigilant remains. He said:

“I make war on bad aesthetics. I walk the dog with a mental clipboard — I suppose I’m disgusted of Herne Bay.”

Herne Bay Times, April 1st 2015


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