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Eton to appeal over plan for 290 homes

Developers behind plans for nearly 300 new homes in Chestfield have lodged an appeal after the proposal was turned down. They want to build 290 homes, a primary school and other buildings on the Bodkin Farm land between Herne Bay and Whitstable. But the proposal, put forward by public school Eton College, was turned down by Canterbury City Council and now developers have appealed to the planning inspectorate to try to get the decision overturned. The inquiry will be held in August. Chestfield parish council is against the proposals. Parish council chairman Steve Bailey said:

“It’s totally not required. They have raised a public inquiry and we will see what transpires from it. Unlike a planning committee meeting we don’t get the chance to stand up and save our piece. It will be interesting to see what happens – I will be keeping a watching brief on it. We will provide regular updates on our website or on the various notice boards.”

The Bodkin Farm development, next to the Thanet Way, was first revealed at two exhibitions in May last year. Planning inspectorate spokesman Stuart Campbell said:

“The right to appeal a planning decision made by a local authority is a key feature of the planning system. A planning inspector is scheduled to conduct a public inquiry in August, which will be conducted fairly, openly and impartially.”

The inquiry is scheduled for Tuesday, August 18, and is estimated to last eight days at The Guildhall in Canterbury. A pre-inquiry meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 11, which is being held for the inspector and main parties to prepare for the actual inquiry by discussing procedural and other arrangements. No evidence about the case will be heard at pre-inquiry meeting.

Herne Bay Gazette, April 2nd 2015

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