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Does Manston already have a night flight schedule?

The proof may be sitting in your email account

If we all get cracking on this, we may be able to present our case to Infratil and TDC at Friday’s KIACC meeting.

The infuriatingly poor responses that are churned out by Manston’s complaints department do actually contain tiny grains of truth. With enough of these facts in one place, we can piece together an accurate picture of what’s really happening.

Most email programs will let you search by sender, or by contents. Have a search through your emails for anything that came from one of these addresses:


or anything that contains the phrase:

cause to complain about the operation of the Airport

We all know that most of what appears in the email is the same old nonsense every time. The important bit that we’re interested in is the stuff that usually appears in a little box about a third of the way down – the details of the flight(s) you complained about.

These are the details that we would like you to send in: the Date, the Time, the Operator and flight details, and any other comments that Manston included about the flight(s). Even if you’ve only got one of these emails left on your PC, please send us the details, because taken together with all the rest it will help complete the jigsaw.

We’re particularly interested in Cargolux, Iran Air and Egypt Air flights, but every piece of information you send us will be useful, and much appreciated.

Send whatever you’ve got to: NoNightFlights@gmail.com

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