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Dangerous junction

We have a major problem with a local road junction that will soon result in a road traffic accident, and injury or even death.

There is a pedestrian refuge in Canterbury Road, near the junction
with Charles Street. The position of the refuge seems to make it
difficult for some longer vehicles to turn left from Canterbury Road
into Charles Street.

Over the last
few weeks, we have recorded several videos of vehicles (all of them PCL
lorries) driving dangerously and illegally at this junction. What you
can see is the lorry driving down the wrong side of the road into the
oncoming traffic, or looping all the way round the junction, simply to
be able to make the turn:


The major culprit at the moment is PCL – these are the delivery
lorries for the Herne Bay branch of Iceland. (Iceland do not have a
direct email address, so I have contacted them through their website.)
It is worth noting that dustcarts also have problems at this junction,
as do the heavy plant vehicles associated with local building work.

As you will see on the YouTube videos that we have recorded, the PCL
lorries repeatedly carry out dangerous manoeuvres. This recently almost
resulted in a head-on collision, which you can see in the most recent

Kent Highways
have told me that this junction isn’t a high enough priority, as it
doesn’t have a crash history. It is blindingly obvious that continued
inaction will all but guarantee that it will have a “crash
history”. I’ve sent them a link to the videos. I’ve also sent a link to
PCL, the Police, and our county councillors.

Let’s hope they sort something out before someone gets hurt.

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