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Dad sells best of British food aboard to ex-pats

Bay businessman Michael Cook has set up a way to get British goods abroad at the click of a mouse. Mr Cook, 34, said:

“When my brother-in-law moved to New York
three years ago he really missed British food, especially chocolate. He would often say American chocolate was just not the same. So we sent him tuck boxes with all his favourite British food in.”

That idea has now grown to an internet firm called British Tuckbox. Mr Cook said:

“After years of commuting to London I wanted to
become my own boss and saw a gap in the market. It is for people who
crave the comforts of home while away.”

He can ship out emergency supplies of favourite British breakfast
cereals, sauces and even toiletries for babies to wherever you are in
the world from his office in Westbrook Industrial Park, Sea Street. He said:

“I saw a gap in the market and think I have found a long-term solution by offering an efficient service.”

The father-of-three has a list of more than 1,000 products and is
being helped by his wife Clare. He has already been featured by the BBC
and is hoping for a mention in this weekend’s Mail On Sunday. For more details visit www.britishtuckbox.co.uk

Herne Bay Times 13th Dec 2012

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