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Creative couple from Whitstable put on joint art exhibition

A WHITSTABLE couple presented their artistic talents earlier this month in a joint show dubbed Mr and Mrs. Richard and Helen Maxted, of Douglas Avenue, held their first joint exhibition at The View Showcase in the High Street from Monday, December 1 to 8. On display were handmade lampshades by Mrs Maxted, aged 40, and still-life photographs by her husband, Mr Maxted, 44, said:

TALENTED: Helen and Richard Maxted
TALENTED: Helen and Richard Maxted

“We both loved the show. A lot of time and effort went into producing the work and we both got a huge kick out of seeing the work actually out in the public domain. We dressed the space with tinsel and fairy lights, with it being near Christmas, and on the private pavement view we put a load of fake snow down to create a more magical feel. The feedback has been really good. Numerous people have come up to Helen and I and told us how nice the show looked and how much they liked our work.

We both sold some of our pieces which is great and a local shop has expressed an interest in selling Helen’s art.”

The Mr and Mrs show came to light after Mrs Maxted made a New Year’s resolution last year to display her artwork to the public. Mr Maxted said:

“We managed to rent the space for the show, but as Helen was showing lampshades it meant the walls would be empty, so it made sense that we did a joint show.”

The couple, who have been married for 11 years, are planning to do another Mr and Mrs show next year and are now looking at potential venues.

WORKING TOGETHER: The Mr and Mrs artwork display at The View Showcase in Whitstable High Street

Herne Bay Times, December 23th 2014