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CPO finally ruled out at Manston

logo NNF 250x250Dear Reader, your suspicions have been confirmed – a Compulsory Purchase Order to buy Manston for aviation was always a non-starter.

A handful showed an interest. A few were examined more closely, and they were dismal specimens.

Three contenders, being marked out of five, on five questions. Full marks would be 25 points each. Between the three of them, in total, they scored just 2 (yes, TWO) points.

So that’s one ludicrous waste of time put to rest. Next candidate: RiverOak’s absurd pretence that their application for a DCO stands a snowflake’s chance of being accepted come October…

Anyway, here’s TDC’s report on the failed search for a CPO indemnity partner:

Download (PDF, 19KB)

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  1. Can those of us who are worried about night flights now relax and breathe a sigh of relief?

    What about the investor who is asking central government to use its legal powers to force the sale of the Manston site?

    Some say that central government’s powers to treat Manston as a nationally significant part of the transport infrastructure will not be available.

    Why not? Because the law says that the investor has to show convincing plans for at least 10,000 cargo flights a year. Manston struggled to get 2,000 a year. What could possibly make Manston five times more attractive to freight than it was in the past?

    What about night flights?

    RiverOak have now put them on the agenda, in spite of earlier statements that they didn’t need them or want them.

    A generous policy on night flights makes all the difference to cargo operators – so says the EU research on the topic.

    Local politicians wouldn’t dare inflict that on Herne Bay and Thanet families. But what about decision-makers in central government who might see a case for it “in the national interest” – plus politicians who want to dump their area’s night flight problems on someone else.

    It wont help if the public consultation can be said to show that local residents are so desperate for planes that they will pay the price of night flights. There are many of us who are not opposed to an airport but are strongly against night fights.

    Is there anyone out there who really believes that those of us who are worried about night flights can now relax? The risk appears to have got a lot worse.

  2. Mark,

    You have taken the words right out of my mouth. I’m currently trying to sell my property in a village that’s supposedly only adjacent to the Manston flightpath (but the reality was quite different). My plan was to move to Ramsgate to buy a property to do up to live in. But instead of using local tradesmen and spending my money inThanet, recent developments mean that I’m now thinking of moving out of the area. I know that I am only one person, but if enough people start thinking like me, the recent regeneration of Thanet will not only skid to a halt, but go into rapid reverse.

    I’m beyond disgusted that this farce has been allowed to continue for as long as it has; aided and abetted by a useless council and an MP who forgets who he was elected to represent.