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Council must issue a CPO for Manston

MYRA Jones’ letter (Your views, Times, May 28) displays a selfish and typical ‘NIMBY’ attitude. Never mind the 150 people who have lost their jobs, never mind the many business that have had to close or relocate at great expense, never mind any one else, because I’m all right Jack. It’s like the city folk who move to the country and then complain about farm yard animal noise and smells. Oh yes, and good old Stagecoach founder Anne Gloag walks away with several more millions to add to her already vast fortune, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet in your back yard, while 150 people and their families are now looking for new jobs in an area that is deprived and has high unemployment. Please, Thanet council carry out a compulsory purchase order (CPO) as advised by Roger Gale, and let’s get this Manston back as an airport to revive the area with jobs and prosperity.

Bill Lateu, Whitstable

Herne Bay Times, June 4th 2014

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