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Consultation results

Well, the results are in for Canterbury district, and the answer is a clear “No” to night flights.

Of the 230 responses, 80% were against Manston’s proposals.

So, where are the results for Thanet?

Here they are!

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  1. Those in the know say 80% against. But like everything else in the government of Thanet, the responses slipped down the back of the metaphorical filing cabinet. The contempt TDC continues to show for it's residents is unbelievable.

  2. Oh hello, someone's been doing a bit of weekend work: http://www.thanet.gov.uk/news/latest_press_releases/airport_consultation_responses.aspxOh Dear's mates have put up a raft of insubstantial and unsubstantiated reasons pro night-flights.

  3. 230 responses with 80% against. 184 people out of a population of 146,000???? Pretty poor result by anyone's standard. Night flights here they come.

  4. "Oh Dear's mates"Oh Dear hasn't got any mates. I wouldn't be surprised if he put all of those responses in himself. I can just imagine him running off another 20 sycophantic "I luv the airport" letters, before nipping over to Whitstable to collect another bag of whelks.

  5. Oh Dear – what an utter moronic, twatwit. He is like a flea on a dog, a grain of sand in the eye, a spot on the bum – irritating but without any real substance or intelligence.

  6. Never in the field of human conflict has so little been achieved by so few. Is that a white flag that I see flying?[HBM: It's Infratil waving goodbye, with "no regrets".]

  7. No it was proberbly your Y fronts hanging on the line