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Cllr John Worrow beside himself

Thanet councillor John Worrow brands ex-colleague “hate criminal “

Independent Thanet councillor John Worrow disrupted a district
council meeting tonight when he demanded to know why Conservative Ken
Gregory was allowed to sit on the committee.

Mr Gregory had previously received a police caution for telling Mr Worrow “I hope you get Aids,” in a malicious voice message.

Mr Worrow called Mr Gregory “a hate criminal” with “no remorse”, berating the committee for allowing him to sit in the chamber.

Chairman Jo Gideon called to adjourn the meeting but Mr Worrow
flung his agenda to the floor before branding the committee “‘king
hypocrites,” and Mr Gregory a “disgrace” and marching out of the council

The meeting then resumed. [However, there were unfortunate consequences to Cllr Worrow’s action.]

thanetgazette 28th May 2013

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  1. Carole Russell

    I have emailed TDC on many occasions to different departments enquiring as to whether Cllr Gregory attended "anger management " classes as this was his so called punishment, for his unforgivable outrage when abusing a fellow councillor for being gay and wishing him dead.After no less than 8 attempts to acquire an answer to my question, I have still not received one answer to my many emails.Thats TDC for you.