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Marks out of ten for achievement? Here's what CCC proudly list on their site as their achievements in Herne Bay since 2005. I'm not churlish by nature, but it doesn't seem like a lot.

CCC’s Notable Achievements in Herne Bay

Marks out of ten for achievement? Here’s what CCC proudly list on their site as their achievements in Herne Bay since 2005. I’m not churlish by nature, but it doesn’t seem like a lot.

Notable Achievements in the Regeneration of Herne Bay

  1. In 2009, Parklife, a new Youth and Children’s Centre opened in Memorial Park. The new facility has proved very popular with local residents and includes a health clinic, youth activities and IT suite. The project, delivered by Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council demonstrates a successful example of partnership working and achievement.
  2. The Council agreed a lease with a local business for the let of a vacant unit in the Herne Bay Bandstand. The unit has since become a thriving ice cream parlour with a corner allocated to tourist information with two large notice boards, a stand, a desk and computer.
  3. In 2008, a successful community workshop was held to discuss the issues and opportunities for the regeneration of Herne Bay. Feedback enabled a greater focus on the preparation of preferred options for recreation, leisure and community, local economy and tourism, image and environment. The majority of proposals received overwhelming support in the public consultation prior to the drafting of the Area Action Plan.
  4. The Council has identified the bus depot on the High Street as one of four potential opportunity sites that form a Central Development Area. Stagecoach has agreed to move, releasing the land for redevelopment. The site is now to be marketed to potential development partners as an exciting opportunity for a new mixed-use development in Herne Bay.
  5. In 2007, the decision was taken to move the Pier Sports Centre from the end of the existing pier to the Herne Bay High School as part of the Building Schools for the Future scheme and to an extended herons centre. This proposal will enable the pier to once again be a unique attraction for the town and has led to the formation of the Herne Bay Pier Trust Herne Bay Pier Trust; a local community organisation to promote the future of the pier.
  6. The Council working alongside both Sustrans and East Kent Partnership secured the necessary funding to complete the missing coastal section of the National Cycle Route link. The first section of this new cycle path was completed in March 2008, with the completion of the second stage due in 2009.
  7. A partnership led by Canterbury City Council has delivered environmental improvements to both Beach Street Alley and William Street. These have enhanced the character, appearance and use of the pedestrian routes that link the High Street to the seafront.
  8. In 2006, the Herne Bay Town Centre Partnership was established. The partnership is a voluntary organisation made up of local businesses and community groups, whose aims are to help regenerate the town through better joined up marketing and promotion.

  • Item 2 is, of course, CCC’s slippery gloss on the dismal loss of our Visitor Information Centre. Cheek!
  • Item 3 refers, I think, to the one-day HB Regeneration exhibition at the King’s Hall.
  • Item 4 is in limbo.
  • Item 5 is now starting.

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