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CCC – not again!

Call to action, call for help – do your bit and spread the word.

In a nutshell: CCC are up to their old tricks, wanting to replace something more-or-less democratic with something rather dictatorial.

What to do: go to bit.ly/CCCNOTAGAIN to sign the online petition, then encourage everyone you know to do the same.

You may remember that a few years ago CCC changed from the so-called “Executive and Cabinet” system to a Committee-based system. So, instead of just a few councillors having a voice that got heard and made a difference, ALL the councillors were involved in decision-making, and ALL the councillors had a voice.

Under the old Executive system, if your councillor wasn’t on the Executive, they didn’t get heard, so the wishes of their constituents (that’s YOU, by the way) didn’t get heard either.

It was a really crappy system. That kind of dictatorship-lite can only be made to work if you have saintly genius in charge – King Solomon, if you will. Unfortunately, we used to have King John (Gilbey), and now we’re threatened with King Ben.

This backward step to return us to the bad old days is a clumsy ruse to further stifle debate, to further restrict public involvement in our local democracy, and to force through unpopular and undesirable measures with the minimum of oversight.

We’ve been here before, and it was crap.

Do your bit – sign and share the petition.