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Jean Law wins Herne Bay by-election for Tories

Jean Law’s stunning victory at the Herne Bay by-election was overshadowed by an angry mob of protesters. Activist Bunny La Roche and five cohorts gate-crashed the vote count and launched a tirade of abuse at British National Party candidate Dennis Whiting. Chants of “Nazi scum” and “homophobe” echoed around the Christ Church Parish Hall in Underdown Road as the BNP …

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Direct flights to USA from Manston next year

Direct flights transatlantic flights will start from Kent International Airport next year. Norfolk International Airport in Virginia is contributing half the start up costs (£400,000) with Kent County Council and a coalition of investors...

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Obvious need for a safe solution

Canterbury City Council Development Brief for Land West of Mill Lane, 16th February 2006, says: Consideration should also be given to improvements at the Blacksole Bridge over the railway to assist pedestrians and cyclists using this route, it is noted, however, that provision of a pedestrian bridge is a requirement of Blacksole Farm development. Improvements to the bus shelter in …

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Blacksole Bridge: Obvious in 2004

The road is particularly hazardous for pedestrians crossing Blacksole Bridge to the North East of the site.  Blacksole Bridge does not have pavements but is the only means of pedestrian access over the railway line from the site to Herne Bay and local facilities and is currently well used by Broomfield residents via the Thanet Way underpass.

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2004 Pier Report: CCC summarise the findings

Consultants report on pier's future

[Jun 2004] Consultants have concluded there is the potential to develop Herne Bay pier into a major attraction that could help regenerate the town as a thriving seaside resort. However, their report makes it clear that there is no prospect of attracting sufficient public or private funding, in the foreseeable future, to restore the full three-quarter-mile long pier.

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2004 Pier Report: CCC asking for opinions

Herne Bay pier - have your say

[Mar 2004] Consultants working on the study into the feasibility of rebuilding Herne Bay pier are asking local residents about the type of facility they would like to see and how it would benefit the town. A special website and email address has been set up to allow the public to make suggestions and put forward ideas for any new pier.

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2004 Pier Report: CCC announces kick-off

Pier study consultants appointed

[Feb 2004] Consultants have been appointed by the city council to carry out a feasibility study into the rebuilding of Herne Bay pier. PMP Consultants, a specialist leisure consultancy firm, have been selected from the three high quality tenders the city council received. The council will be meeting with the company next week to discuss the study in detail and agree its timescale.

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