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Manston as seen from afar

Manston needs much more than a transfusion if it is to succeed - being transplanted to somewhere with a large and well-populated catchment area might just do the trick.

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New chief appointed at Manston airport

Charles Buchanan

Clipping: thisiskent

A new chief executive has been appointed to run Kent International Airport Manston. Before joining airport owners Infratil Charles Buchanan worked for more than 10 years at London City Airport, ultimately as Strategy and Communications Director. During this time he was responsible for the airport’s master plan and gaining planning permission to increase the permitted movement numbers from 73,000 to 120,000 per year.

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Manston-Edinburgh flights start

Airline Flybe is to launch a service to Manchester from Manston from the autumn. The announcement comes on the day Kent International Airport launches its Edinburgh service. The Manchester schedule is to start from September 6.

Meanwhile, scheduled flights returned to Kent International Airport when Flybe's Manston-Edinburgh service took off for the first time last Thursday (20th May 2010).

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Jobs created at Manston for Flybe flights

The new Flybe daily passenger service from Manston to Edinburgh has helped to create 20 new jobs at Kent International Airport. Airport owners Infratil say all the new recruits all live locally. Their task will be to ensure the passengers of Flybe, Newmarket Holidays and CI Travel which operates charter flights and holidays to Jersey, "have the best possible experience when passing through the airport", says the company.

The new members of staff will be responsible for check-in and customer service, as well as sales and marketing, operating the shop and the security of the airport. Manston now employs 112 staff to manage the airport's passenger and freight operations, including the new recruits who have just completed their training.

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Flights dilemmas

WE have been waiting ever since the failure of EU Jet for Manston to get its act together again. So, when we saw flights to Edinburgh, we decided to show support by booking a long weekend there. What a let-down! Firstly the flight leaves Manston late afternoon and returns mid-morning so our long weekend was immediately reduced to a day …

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FlyBe Bombardiers at Manston

Better planes for better landings?

I notice to my delight that the Bombardier Q400 FlyBe will be flying twixt Edinburgh and Manston is cleared for the 5.5° approach at London City. This is much steeper than the approach most planes use over Herne Bay.

Will Flybe be taking advantage of that when they land from the west at Manston? It would mean they’ll be flying far higher over the populated areas before starting their final descent and will therefore be less of a nuisance in terms of noise.

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FlyBe to run Scotland route from Manston

GREAT news for FlyBe but the plane is a turbo prop — slow and noisy inside for passengers. What happened to the jet age? Nice try, but for me it’s back to Heathrow. Peter Barton, Herne Bay GOOD luck with this. I hope it is big success — despite the fact that I currently have no plans to go to …

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Thanet to play a crucial role in 21st Century Kent

Manston airport will play a pivotal part in Kent's role as the UK's "front door", according to a new report which sets out a long-term vision for the county. The report, commissioned by Kent County Council (KCC) and put together by one of the world's leading architects, Sir Terry Farrell, sets out ambitious plans designed to unlock the area's economic potential.

Many of the aspirations centred on the benefits stemming from the high speed rail line, which council chiefs plan to extend from Ashford and Thanet, further reducing journey times to central London. But infrastructure improvements are also planned at Kent International Airport, which the report says will have a "multimodal interchange" that is linked to the high speed line and forms part of a "co-ordinated national airport network". By 2030, rail passengers will even be able to check in at Ashford International to catch a flight out of Manston.

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