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Night Flights: too hot to handle?

Calling all TDC-ologists: what’s going to happen on Thursday? Cllrs Hart and Poole have tabled a motion about Night Flights for the Council meeting on Thursday 14th July 2011. The blurbs that come with the meeting handouts say that there are two options: To note that the motion stands referred without discussion to Cabinet; or To debate the motion. All …

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Trickle of funding for Manston Parkway

0.13% of a station

On reflection, I think "trickle" may be over-stating it a bit - this is more of a slight dampening.

There is a document called Growth without Gridlock, which is KCC's grandiose plan for turning the Garden of England into a 24 hour blur of traffic. It includes:

  • plans for a Third Thames Crossing (that the local councils at either end of the proposed crossing don't want),
  • upgrades to the M2 and M20 (to squeeze more lorries through Dover),
  • enhancements to Operation Stack (to provide parking for those lorries),
  • upgrades to the high speed rail link to Ramsgate (to speed up the trains),
  • and a new Manston Parkway station (to slow them down again).

All in all, as fine a display of joined-up thinking as we're likely to see from KCC any time soon, and a bargain at £1.77 billion. Yes, that's £1,770,000,000. KCC have been roaming the streets with their hands outstretched, seeking funds from every quarter. The latest mark to be suckered into coughing up is the Local Sustainable Transport Fund

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Woken in the small hours, 1st July


I live in Ramsgate and was woken up at 3.50am this morning (1st July 2011) by a plane coming in to land at Manston.  I couldn't get back to sleep.  I feel terrible now and I know I'll feel terrible for the rest of the day.  It makes Ramsgate a bad place to live and I find that really upsetting.

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MAG quits KIACC as noise worries are ‘ignored’

"The consultative committee has been treated with contempt and, in consequence, has failed to exert any influence over the legitimate environmental concerns of local residents. We have no time to waste on pointless meetings, and we no longer want our membership of the committee to constrain us in countering the pro-night-flight propaganda campaign which is being conducted through the local media."

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Jun 2011: most read

Yet another job forecast KCC’s empty begging bowl BBC: Biased Broadcast Coverage? Manston’s job forecasts In Manston, no one can hear you scream… A closer look at that bid Complain Where do Manston’s job forecasts come from? URGENT: Beach hut threat Air Anon at Manston

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Infratil Annual Results 2011

Infratil’s results are out, and they don’t make happy reading for Manston, or Prestwick. I’m not an accountant, but the table of numbers doesn’t look pretty – click it to big it. INFRATIL AIRPORTS EUROPE Infratil’s two remaining European airports continued to experience very difficult trading conditions. Notwithstanding excellent cost control, losses grew as traffic continued to weaken. The airports …

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Manston unmonitored

Like getting blood from a stone, corpuscles from concrete, plasma from paving stones... you get the picture. It can be frustrating for information vampires, thirsting after a few drops of information from TDC. But patience and persistence is rewarded:

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TDC seeks Regeneration chief. GSOH essential.

District council chiefs have begun the hunt for a new regeneration manager to oversee their ambitious plans to redevelop Thanet. The new post was advertised in the national press last week after bosses failed to find an internal candidate for the job.

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Talks continue over airport job losses

Potential job losses at Manston airport are still a reality as the statutory consultation with its staff ended this week. Airport chief executive Charles Buchanan confirmed that talks were ongoing after the minimum 90-day period was fulfilled this week. Meanwhile, the airport will submit a new proposal for expansion to the council’s Airport Working Group next month. Campaigners against the …

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Increasing interest in Southend Airport

It seems that Stobart Group (owners of Southend Airport) are now starting to reap the benefits of their substantial investment in the airport. Unlike Infratil (owners of Manston Airport) they invested their own money, rather than seeking public subsidies.

While Infratil scrimped on monitoring equipment, and belatedly installed new radar only when co-funded by Vattenfall (the windfarm people), Stobart Group put their money where their mouth is and forked out for a new control tower, railway station, etc to the tune of £60m.

The upshot is that they have managed to snatch easyJet from Manston's jaws, and this may be a tipping point for both airports.

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