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I am against night flights at Manston excepting for emergencies. My main reasons are:

1 My health - I have suffered sleep deprivation in the past and have no wish to go through that again for whatever reason

2 Manston as far as I can tell has plenty of spare capacity during the day and this should be used before night flights

3 Cargo planes are heavier and noisier than passenger planes

4 I do not see how having night flights at Manston will create that many more jobs, and is it really worth doing so many people more harm for such a sort sighted reason as creating about twenty jobs

5 When we first came to the area, Manston was NOT an airport it was an Aerodrome, we had much delight watching the fighter jets etc go over us , but this was perhaps once a week if that and NEVER at night. My family moved here for peace, quiet and beg you not to allow night flights which will in my view ruin a lovely area of Kent.

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Dear Sirs

I am writing to make my case against the proposed night flights to or from Manston Airport.

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#Manston #nightflights

Dear consultation committee,

I am writing to register my OPPOSITION to the proposal to introduce night flights from Manston Airport. My family and I live directly under the flight path and we are therefore directly affected by the proposal.

Also, I am an academic psychologist so I am well aware of the potentially negative effects of sleep deprivation, which will be an inevitable consequence of introducing night flights. People who are sleep deprived tend to have increased blood pressure, are more likely to suffer depression and anxiety, are more likely to develop headaches, suffer confusion and memory loss, hallucinations, and irritability.

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#Manston #nightflights

I am opposed to night flights at Manston between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Although in Cliftonville I apparently live miles from the flight path and its noise, I have over the past few months on several occasions been disturbed by the noise of flights between 1 and 2 a.m. It is clearly a fallacy that only people under the flight path suffer. Noise travels, particularly when its origin is in the air and it does not encounter obstacles, and its effect is magnified particularly at night when it is not disguised by normal daytime sounds.

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#Manston #nightflights


Dear Sirs,

The consideration of granting permission for night time flights based on jobs in this issue, must be dealt with on facts rather than hope using information supplied by the party who stands to gain. Quite understandably this information will be biased, as Infratil and their shareholders will gain considerably just by increasing their asset value should the Airport be given night flying permission even if it is never used. With that in mind, should you grant permission, as a protection I would suggest you impose a 'Windfall Tax' of 50% of their profits should they sell the asset within the next 10 years. If they are genuine in their intentions they will have no objections whatsoever to these conditions.

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Mixed reaction to consultation

Thanet council's public consultation on Manston airport's night flight proposals has attracted 700 responses. The views given will help the council form its response to plans by airport operators Infratil to host an average of eight flights a night at Manston.

The authority's consultation was scaled back from plans to engage market research experts MORI and ask for views from other districts when Thanet council took legal advice that it was only a "consultee" on the plans and had no legally binding say in the matter.

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Bus day in Ramsgate

We were down at the harbour for most of the morning because the press wanted us to be there at 10, 11 and 12 so, given that we wanted maximum publicity, we needed to do that.

Unfortunately the splendid and venerable bus, loaned to us by a Ramsgate resident and supporter, broke down in Queen Street and so we were unable to get all around town as planned - apologies to all those who had camped out waiting for a glimpse!

We were delighted with the response, lots of people came out to support, we were able to speak to residents and visitors who were unaware of the proposal, and we were able to speak to people about the facts etc etc.

Here are some of the highlights of the day - do feel free to add your own...

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SNAFU at TDC Public Consultation

Phew! Panic over. For a while there, it looked like the TDC Consultation machine was randomly rejecting emails without telling anyone. What’s actually happening is that the lone soul that TDC has assigned to the task of dealing with the submissions to the public consultation has simply been snowed under. When each submission comes in, she checks that all the …

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The antidote to night flights – all aboard!

This is excellent! We’ve got our hands on a bus! We’ll be driving all over Ramsgate on Saturday 25th February, and the bus will be covered with No Night Flights banners and bunting, so we’ll be easy to spot. The bus will be full of lovely No Night Flights campaigners, so do feel free to wave, blow us kisses, and …

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Elephant in the room: the biggest lies hide in plain sight

Charles Buchanan (Manston's CEO) recently published his night flights manifesto.

He had a page of his own in the Isle of Thanet Gazette to tell the world how important and wonderful night flights will be. He opened with:

"Firstly, I would like to make clear we are asking for limited, managed and mitigated night-time operations policy - not unlimited night flights."

Let's look a bit more closely at the last four words of that sentence, the ones that sound quite reassuring.

We all understand the word "not", so that's OK. And we all understand what Mr Buchanan means when he says "flight", so that's fine.

What about "night"?

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