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How to do Due Diligence, properly.


Courtesy of Glovers, “a leading firm of solicitors based in Central London”, here is Due Diligence for Dummies. This is the rigmarole that Thanet District Council (and indeed, any public body) should go through before entering into a commercial contractual relationship with any organisation. Specimen Due Diligence Checklist 1. CORPORATE DATA AND GROUP STRUCTURE Copies of all board minutes and …

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Manston Solved

Simple: TDC gets the District Valuer to value the Manston site, asap. TDC will have to get it valued if they want to CPO it (and they appear to be dead set on carrying out a CPO), and they should do it sooner rather than later – it might resolve their current predicament. If the value seems too low to …

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Roger Gale showing double standards

Putting Manston airport to one side for a moment, and without prejudice to it, I wonder about the double standard from Roger Gale regarding house building. He says that Thanet does not want houses as there are no jobs, yet he is aware of the 1,000 houses to be built at Hillborough, and the considered 800 houses between Herne and …

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Lack of flights was terminal for airport

REGARDING all the letters of support for Manston in your paper, would I be right it thinking that, for it to be profitable, there would need to be considerably more aircraft using the airport than a couple of noisy cargo planes which, when the wind is in the east, are deafening over Herne Bay? The previous owner wanted to inflict …

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Mansion supporters are deaf to the truth

MYRA Jones dared to mention one of the few good things to result from Manston’s closure — less noise pollution over the Garden of England (Peace cornet to Herne Bay at last, Your views, May28). The abusive witch hunt directed at her in the letters the following week is typical of the bullying tactics of the Manston fan club. I’ve …

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Peace comes at a high price for area

IN REPLY to Myra Jones comments (Peace comes to Herne Bay at last, Your views, May 28), how selfish an attitude she has, not sparing a thought for the poor people who have lost their jobs, let alone the impact it will have on many businesses that have built up over the years in Thanet, a much-deprived area. Keeping Manston …

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If you don’t like the noise you can move

IT’S SUCH a shame Manston closed, it could have been a very good asset to Kent. As for Myra Jones of Herne Bay, her comments are selfish and stupid. The airport has been there for donkey’s years, why for God’s sake get a house near an airport in the first place? She-doesn’t give stuff about all the poor souls who …

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I couldn’t disagree more with Myra

WITH respect, (Myra Jones) are you retired? No worries about finances? Did you buy your home knowing that Manston airport was there? We live in Herne Bay and my husband, ex RAF, loves the smell of aviation fuel, we don’t get it here. I personally am enthralled to see such huge planes in the sky. Also our history with Manston, …

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What about those now unemployed?

IN LESS than two years, on May 25, 2016, Manston is due to celebrate 100 years of flying, but because of the actions of the ruthless Ann Gloag this may not happen. Under the pretence of developing the airport commercially it now appears that her intention was to expand her bank balance and almost her first action was to close …

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