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The Pier Trust

The Herne Bay Pier Trust was set up in 2008 by Canterbury City Council who have appointed 11 founding trustees. They are currently the most active body promoting the (re)development of the Pier, and our best hope of getting anything done. Vision The preservation, renovation, reconstruction and enhancement of Herne Bay Pier and the surrounding area as a building of …

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Humberts Leisure report on the Pier

Herne Bay's museum and Kings Hall should be sold off to pay for the redevelopment of town's pier, a new report has suggested. The document, which was written for the city council by consultants Humberts Leisure at a cost of £10,000, reveals few developers are interested in working on the pier and suggests local firms may be the only hope.

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Better ways to improve to which would cost less

Regarding the plan to regenerate the centre of Herne Bay (Goodbye To All That At A Cost of £35m, Herne Bay Gazette, January 21). Personally, I do not think too much of it.  If you are spending so much money, I can’t see where there will be any profit. The money could be spent more wisely in keeping the roads …

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The ninth iffiest Pier?

Herne Bay pier is among 10 across England and Wales that have been identified as being at serious risk of demolition or collapse. The report from the National Piers Society, placed the town's iconic structure at number nine in a top 10 which also includes Hastings and Brighton West piers in neighbouring East Sussex. But staunch defenders of Herne Bay Pier's future have dismissed the survey as pure conjecture.

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Memorial service for Herne Bay county councillor John Law

A memorial service to remember the life of county councillor John Law will be held next Saturday, August 30. The service will take place at All Saint’s Church in Church Street, Whitstable at 2pm. John, who represented Herne Bay, died in hospital a week after suffering a stroke at his home in Alexander Road, Whitstable, on August 3. His widow …

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2004 Pier Report: CCC summarise the findings

Consultants report on pier's future

[Jun 2004] Consultants have concluded there is the potential to develop Herne Bay pier into a major attraction that could help regenerate the town as a thriving seaside resort. However, their report makes it clear that there is no prospect of attracting sufficient public or private funding, in the foreseeable future, to restore the full three-quarter-mile long pier.

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2004 Pier Report: CCC asking for opinions

Herne Bay pier - have your say

[Mar 2004] Consultants working on the study into the feasibility of rebuilding Herne Bay pier are asking local residents about the type of facility they would like to see and how it would benefit the town. A special website and email address has been set up to allow the public to make suggestions and put forward ideas for any new pier.

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2004 Pier Report: CCC announces kick-off

Pier study consultants appointed

[Feb 2004] Consultants have been appointed by the city council to carry out a feasibility study into the rebuilding of Herne Bay pier. PMP Consultants, a specialist leisure consultancy firm, have been selected from the three high quality tenders the city council received. The council will be meeting with the company next week to discuss the study in detail and agree its timescale.

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