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AGM – Change of Date

We have unfortunately had to postpone our AGM which will not now be held on 14 June. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes you. When we set our date we checked the diaries for all other important local meetings. The Herne Bay Area Panel was scheduled to meet on 7 June but has now been changed until a week …

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2004: a vintage year for reports

The not-so-dusty Pier report from 2004 has been the cause of much pulse-quickening, gander-upping and even name-calling. My insatiable curiousity compelled me to send my spies to the four corners of the earth to learn more, and here's some of what I have gleaned... The report itself is made of unobtainium and is scarcer than unicorn poo - it appears that very few people have actually held a copy in their hands.

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