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CPO finally ruled out at Manston

Dear Reader, your suspicions have been confirmed – a Compulsory Purchase Order to buy Manston for aviation was always a non-starter. A handful showed an interest. A few were examined more closely, and they were dismal specimens. Three contenders, being marked out of five, on five questions. Full marks would be 25 points each. Between the three of them, in …

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Local Plan Inquiry – in Herne Bay for one day ONLY!

Those of you have been following the development of the Local Plan will know that Herne Bay is in line to get royally screwed – the proposed housing will increase the size of our town by between a quarter and a third. In recognition of the potentially devastating impact this will have, the powers that be in Canterbury have kindly allowed …

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OUTRAGE! A brief history of offensive cartoons

OUTRAGE! A brief history of offensive cartoons Part Of The Third Annual Herne Bay Cartoon Festival Saturday 18th July until Sunday 16th August 2015 OPEN from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm At the Seaside Museum Herne Bay 12 William Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5EJ ADMISSIONS: Adult £2 Concessions £1.60 Children under 16 free Adult annual pass £5 Concession annual pass £4

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Living alongside a successful airport

Most of us naturally feel proud of Thanet’s long association with aviation. Some want to keep it alive through a revival of commercial aviation at Manston, and others see an airport as a source of much-needed jobs. But before committing our future to aviation, we should think about what it would mean to us all if Manston became a commercially …

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Vattenfall’s sorry explanation

Windfarm and Shivering Sands forts

The man from Vattenfall didn’t sound pleased to hear from me at 4:30am this morning. But I was awake (guess why!) and it seemed like the right time to have a conversation with him about Vattenfall’s time-keeping and their disregard for residents. I had spoken to Melanie Rogers (07817 944 359), Vattenfall’s local Customer Relations person on Saturday night about …

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Windfarm noise affecting Whitstable and Herne Bay

People in Herne Bay and Whitstable were forced to put up with noise nuisance this weekend. Put upon neighbours took to Twitter to complain about the noise, believed to have been caused by work on the wind farm extension off the east Kent coast. Swedish energy company Vattenfall has begun construction on 15 new turbines in its Kentish Flats wind farm. …

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Ipso upholds accuracy complaint against Herne Bay Gazette

An apology and a clarification In the original version of this post, I described the Gazette’s response to the IPSO ruling as an “apology”. As the editor of the Gazette has pointed out to me, this was a mistake on my part. I should correctly have described it as a “clarification” – I am reliably informed that the distinction is …

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Ramsgate and Herne Bay – the sacrificial lambs

Many residents are still blissfully unaware that Ramsgate and Herne Bay are facing an environmental catastrophe. When Manston airport was closed, an aggressive campaign group was set up to try to get it reopened. Most of the people running this campaign live in areas which are not affected by aircraft noise. The campaign group has been backed by prominent local politicians …

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Alabama Rot: new threat to pets

Dog owners are being warned to watch out for a deadly new canine disease sweeping through the country. Alabama Rot is a disease that originated in American greyhounds, but has made the crossing to the UK in recent months. While it can be treated if caught early by a vet, the disease can be fatal. The first signs of Alabama Rot …

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