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Carnival to be the crowning glory of new queens reign

Aurora Summers was crowned Miss Herne Bay 2014 on Friday night. Here the 18-year-old talks to Aidan Barlow about her hopes for the year ahead as the town’s Carnival Queen

How do you feel after winning the competition?
I’m very happy to have won. This was my fourth year entering the competition. I first decided to take part in 2011 and became a princess that year. I was also a princess last year in 2013, and I have loved taking part each year. My family have been very proud of what I have achieved and really happy for me. I’m pleased with myself too. It was quite a tough competition this year because all the girls were so bubbly and enthusiastic and pretty. Everyone makes an effort to take it seriously, and while its demanding, everybody is just as proud as each other to be part of it, which is really nice.

Tell us more about yourself
I live in Sea Street in Herne Bay and my mum runs the Summerhouse Style Emporium in the town centre, so we know lots of people in the town. At the moment I’m a student at the Hadlow College in Canterbury and I study animal management. I really like to learn about conservation and culture, and recently went to South Africa. I’d love to be able to work in conservation, looking after primates, hopefully somewhere abroad. I was thinking of going off to university, but now I’m sitting on the fence a little. I don’t think it’s for me. I’d prefer to look and get experience in industry and in the wider world.

What’s your favourite thing about Herne Bay?
The main thing is the people in the local area. In places like Grand Drive all the old ladies say ‘hello’ and all come out to talk to me. It is quite a close-knit community really. I also like going out with my friends and the social side of things. I like going to the beach with them. There are also lots of great places for people to walk with their dogs.

What are you looking forward to?
I’m mostly looking forward to the carnival in August as the biggest event. Getting to do that with the chance to meet all the other girls and all the people too. I have watched the carnival since I was a young kid. I’ve always been the one waving the most as the princesses and queen have gone by. So I always wanted to be one of them. Last year my best friend Kiera Ives was Miss Herne Bay 2013. We have been best friends since we were really little and I have seen her confidence build over the last year.

What can you bring to the role?
I’m hoping that I can make it more fun. I’m a bubbly and happy person all the time, I try to keep upbeat. So I want to make it enjoyable, and make everyone else feel a bit crazy and happy. I love all the events and I’m really looking forward to being out there. Everyone comes up to you and wants to speak with you. It will build my confidence to speak to people when I visit care homes or visit children and different people in the town. I have been working at the Co-op since last year, and at the interview they did ask me about my experience. I think it has helped with my confidence and they could see I can talk to people easily and that I’m friendly too.

Herne Bay Gazette, April 24th 2014

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