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Caption competition

(L-R) Charles Buchanan, horse, Lady Suzy Gale

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  1. After all the rubbbish I've been telling people about the airport its not surprising I'm feeling a little "hoarse"

  2. No worries Sheila its only the QC 4 planes and higher that make their hair stand on end like that.

  3. A visual aid to help distinguish between a horse and an ass

  4. Take that away from my face, I don't know where it's been

  5. I'm not sure why the horse looks so worried, it should be really grateful to me – his stable is the only property that qualifies for sound insulation under the Manston Airport scheme – after all, I have to appear to be concerned about local residents don't I ?

  6. "Unfortunately this ones alive! I only specialise in flogging dead ones!"

  7. "Won't be nearly so frisky when we've loaded you aboard a Ukraine-bound Antonov."

  8. "Keep making the jumps, or you'll end up as her next coat"

  9. Paula Herne Bay

    " You heard it from the horse's mouth, folks…1 million passengers = 1000 local jobs ! "

  10. Horse: "Those night flights are keeping me awake."Buchanan: "Shut up and get back in your box."

  11. Who would like a nice helping of sleep deprivation? Only FOOLS & HORSES need apply.

  12. Revealed – the front end of of Infratil's independent source for employment figures.