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Canine-terbury Tales as dogs chosen for Chaucer statue

MODELS: Melba (left) and Charlie will be immortalised
MODELS: Melba (left) and Charlie will be immortalised

THE Chaucer Project, a scheme to erect a two-metre statue of Geoffrey Chaucer and his famous Canterbury pilgrims in the city centre, is picking up steam. The statue will feature Chaucer standing on top of a plinth decorated with pictures of the 29 pilgrims mentioned in The Canterbury Tales. Each pilgrim’s face will be in the likeness of a local figure, with Hollywood A-lister Orlando Bloom and Sheriff of Kent Hugo Fenwick having already secured places. Of the 29 likenesses available, only five remain.
The most recent people to be chosen to be immortalised include Dr David Pratt, who will portray the Doctor of Physic; college principal John Ullmer MBE as the Host; and city fundraiser Paula Vickers, whose likeness was chosen for the Tapicier (a guildsman and trader) after being sponsored by her husband. Paula said she was delighted by the announcement, calling the project “original and innovative”. She added:

THE HOST: John Ullmer
THE HOST: John Ullmer

“Anything that encourages visitors to Canterbury which in turn helps local businesses, has got to be worthwhile.”

Two local pets have also been chosen to serve as the likenesses for the Miller’s dogs: Charlie, a border terrier, and Melba, a basset fauve de bretagne. The five characters still available to sponsor are: the Monk, the Sergeant At Law, the Manciple, the Pardoner and the Summoner.

• Anyone interested in sponsoring someone for the statue, which will cost £200,000 and be unveiled in Canterbury High Street in 2016, should contact Pam Doyle at pamdoyle9@aol.com

Herne Bay Times, December 10th 2014

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