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Bus fare prices

Having read Eric Fisher’s letter (“Bus fares are far from fare,” Times, November 18) and Helen Wood’s reply from Stagecoach, I agree with Eric. Not only are bus fares between Canterbury and Whitstable/Herne Bay far too high, their pricing of children’s fares are too high, too.

I have recently moved to Canterbury from Herne Bay but I have kept my two children in Herne Bay schools so as not to disrupt their education. This isn’t a major problem for me as I drive and my daughter is at Herne Bay High School now which means she has a Freedom bus pass. She enjoys catching the bus.

But my younger son, who also enjoys catching the bus, can’t. Why? Because I can’t afford the bus fare in the morning. Stagecoach charge full adult fare for children before 9am. This means it is cheaper for me to drive to Herne Bay and then straight back to Canterbury, where I am a student, than it is for me to put my son on a bus.

When I lived in Herne Bay I took the children to school on my way to university. Time is a big issue for me and sometimes I let him get the bus so I can get to university early. But most of the time I take him myself. This only adds to the cars on the busy roads into Canterbury at that time of the morning but what else can I do?

Adam Taylor
Herne Bay Times, 9th Dec 2010

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