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Big Picnic, Big Prizes

The Friends of Herne Bay Museum had a stall at the recent Big Picnic
in Memorial Park, and ran a caption competition – add a caption to an
old postcard picture and win a prize…

Mick Simpson came and collected his bottle of fizz for winning
the adult category, but none of the under 15s came to collect their
prizes – maybe they had already gone home by the time the judging and
announcements happened. The three young wits can collect their prizes
from David & Jenny Cross (Secretary and Chair respectively of the
Friends of the Museum) at 1 Mickleburgh Hill, Herne Bay.

Adult winner:
Mick Simpson from Studd Hill:

“No! No! I said use a BUOY to stop us drifting!”

Under 15s winner and 2 runners-up:
Ben Stacey from Herne Bay:

“So am I an only child mum? Am I? Am I?”

Eleanor Todd from Hersden:

“Save him Sid, he has the bus tickets home.”

Sam Hickland from Herne:

“When I said we need to lose some weight, I meant a hat or something!”