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Better ways to improve to which would cost less

Regarding the plan to regenerate the centre of Herne Bay (Goodbye To All That At A Cost of £35m, Herne Bay Gazette, January 21). Personally, I do not think too much of it.  If you are spending so much money, I can’t see where there will be any profit. The money could be spent more wisely in keeping the roads and pavements in better condition, still holding on to our local museum, finding a space for an information centre and improving and extending the pier. I have lived in Herne Bay for 28 years and am now in my 80s and have noticed how things have changed. It was such a busy town and I looked forward to Saturday market day. It was crowded with stalls and always so busy.

Now, alas, there are only a few stalls and the weather doesn’t help. If only it could be made into a covered market. Then if you need flats, they could be built on top. There is a need for stalls that sell fish, materials, sewing machines, zips, cottons, buttons etc. I can’t see the need for another supermarket in town – there is plenty of spare land along the Thanet Way which would be ideal. There are quite a few shops closing and the ones that are being built at the top of the town near the Co-op don’t seem to have been taken and they have flats over them.

This is Just my opinion and probably, at my a little old-fashioned in my ideas. I am careful how I spend my own money, trying not to waste it, so when I see such large amounts being spent it is very worrying. I hope whatever is decided does make Herne Bay a little more prosperous for all.

Mrs Doris Tinker, Cresta Close, Studd Hill Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, February 4th 2010

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