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Benefits of cars

ACCORDING to Olive Wilkins-Oppier: “There should only be one set speed for our roads and the slower the better.” I was going to suggest that perhaps every car should have someone walking in front of it with a red flag, but I think this has been tried before! Or perhaps I will just take the engine out, then it will be perfecily safe. Then I would have more time to just stay at home and write letters criticising everything and everybody. No, have changed my mind, I will carry on driving and enjoying all the huge benefits that car travel brings to millions of people every day of their lives by allowing them to travel reasonable distances in a short period of time, that cannot be  matched by any other form of transport, despite the best efforts of the Government/councils to hinder such movement.

Terry Hudson
Sussex Gardens,
Herne Bay

Herne Bay Times, March 18th 2010

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