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Barriers to progress

Years of waiting, thousands
of pounds, and one snafu after another.

Following relentless pressure from Andy Lawrence, our councillors raided the Herne Bay
Opportunity Fund for £3,000 to pay for the barrier across Mortimer Street
(instead of getting KCC Highways to pay for it), and CCC put the job out to tender.

They awarded the job to a
fencing company (!), who turned out not to have the right paperwork to allow
them to work on Highways projects. Oops. Further delay while they find another

The next contractor installs
the two gates that swing closed to form the barrier. A Council official comes
along with the padlock that will lock the gates shut. Oops.
It doesn’t fit. More delays while they search for a padlock that’s the right size. Ta-dah! A padlock is found
that will fit the gates… everything is ready.



Oops! There’s still something
missing, a magical ingredient without which the expensive new barrier cannot
possibly be used – a photo opportunity for local councillors. There is an
election coming
, after all.

Our lovely new barrier will be unveiled today (23rd March), by councillors Andrew Cook, Joe Howes, Jean Law, and Peter Vickery-Jones, with the paparazzi in attendance.

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