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Bandstand’s French visitors

Visitors to the Bandstand were treated to a distinctly continental sound when a French band made a guest appearance. The tunes came courtesy of the Harmonie Municipal Band from Wimereux, a seaside town four miles north of Boulogne that is twinned with the Bay

The Band of about 30 people, ranging in age from teenagers upward, were treated to a buffet lunch at the ex-serviceman’s club by the twinning association before their performance last month. They played a variety of music; from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, tributes to Edith Piaf and Tom Jones to light jazz and Disney movie themes.

Spokesman Alison Taylor said:

“The heavy rain showers didn’t manage to spoil the afternoon and some of the comments overheard were ‘a very talented group of musicians’ and “what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon despite the weather!”

HB Times 22nd Jul 2011


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