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Bands announced for Herne Bay Rocks show

Slots still available in town’s hottest music competition

READY TO ROCK: The Rockin’ Decades
The Rockin’ Decades

THE first bands to compete for the title of Herne Bay Rocks winner 2014 have been announced. Project X, Howlin’ Wolves, The Patriarchy, Spyplane and former Times editor John Nurden’s band The Rockin’ Decades will battle it out with Hunter Killer, Strawberry Blue, Ashley Crane and Thomas Ashby in the heats this summer.


Others acts confirmed so far include Meg and Em Garner, SeQuoia and Mostly Brian, who will all be hoping for a place in the grand final in August. There are still places available for more acts to take part and organisers are appealing to more bands and artists to get in touch to fill the slots. David Shepherd, who ran the competition by himself until this year but now has a team of people helping, said:

“I was amazed at the response to the appeal for someone to take over the organisation. I want to thank everyone who contacted me offering their expertise. The  appeal attracted the experienced promoters and organisers from across the music industry, reaching all different markets and genres. It’s made me realise that this needs to be more than a one-man project to make it grow and I am really excited about what the new people can bring to the competition. It should be even better this year. The team we have created is unbelievable in terms of its expertise and knowledge and I am very excited to see how the competition progresses.”

He will still be attending meetings and overseeing the competition so it stays true to the original concept and ideals. Mr Shepherd added:

“If I thought the people coming forward were not going to be able to do a good job I would have pulled the competition as I didn’t want it to go out on a whimper. But after a couple of meetings I have absolute confidence that not only can the new team do a good job, but also take it forward with new energy and enthusiasm.”

The contest takes place from August 21 to 31, with heats at Vivid, The Heron, The Divers, Prince of Wales, The Ship, Herne Bay Angling Association and the United Forces Club. The final will be at the Kings Hall on Friday, August 29, and the winner will receive a slot on the Herne Bay Festival’s main stage, two days recording with a worldwide digital release and a location photo shoot. For more information, find Herne Bay Rocks 2014 on
Facebook or e-mail tastysound@aol.com

Herne Bay Times, June 4th 2014

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