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AWP postponement explained

Some TDC Members aren’t happy with some TDC Officers. Well, an Officer.


Dear Members of the Airport Working Party,

I am cancelling the Airport Working Party meeting which is scheduled for tomorrow [19th Feb] for the following reasons:

1.    The paperwork was circulated too late for any useful discussion with officers as to its contents (or lack thereof).

   My recollection from the original meeting was that the report should
focus on what we as a council can do to support economic growth using
the airport – and this question has not been addressed in the report.

am sorry that Members (and indeed others who may have planned to attend
from the press and public) may have been inconvenienced. I myself only
had sight of the report this Saturday morning (16th February).

well as asking Democratic Services to circulate AWP members and any
others who usually attend, I will ask for Members to be phoned to ensure
you receive the notification in time, however as Charles Hungwe is on
leave this week, I am also writing to you directly. Could you please
advise any substitute member you may have selected about the
cancellation, and anyone from the public you are aware of who planned to

wish it to go on record that I am truly shocked that a report which was
requested in October for a January meeting – and which was then delayed
several weeks as it was not complete, has not been available until two
(working) days before the meeting. This shows a complete lack of respect
for Scrutiny and for the members of the working party. That the report
only amounted to four pages really added insult to injury!

The report, “The role of Manston International Airport in a new regeneration strategy and overall economic strategy for Thanet” should be a key strategic document. Therefore
I can only surmise that either there is no work being done on this
vital topic (despite the request from Scrutiny), or we are not being
allowed access to the council’s emerging regeneration and economic
development policies, which is equally disturbing.

Either way, it makes a mockery of Scrutiny.

the main Scrutiny Panel agreed just last week to recommend that the
remit and number of Scrutiny committees be widened, we need to seriously
reflect on the purpose of the recommendation and its likely
effectiveness if not supported by the administration.

Jo Gideon, Chairman, Airport Working Party

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  1. David Britton

    I think it just goes to prove that Manston has no part to play in the economic growth of Thanet, I would think that the last several years has adequately proved that.I think its time that the council woke up to the fact that Manston as an airport is just a huge white elephant and that any further support of it is a waste of tax payers money.David Britton

  2. Kent Resident

    As David Britton says, I have come to this conclusion also. To keep stringing the public and Council along with highly ridiculous statements on passenger numbers and jobs for the area is just criminal. It is about time that an alternative use is looked at for this prime piece of land, and that County Councillors/leaders got their acts together and came to their senses for the benefit of Thanet instead of throwing good money at dead losses such as this. You cannot afford to waste tax-payers hard earned money on ridiculous projects anymore. Forget about your shares in the Airport and find us an alternative use. Wake up to the facts.

  3. Dennis Franklin

    If there was the slightest chance of the airport being used, why hasn’t Ryanaire and any of the other budget airlines moved in? Its because its a Micky Mouse air strip, with no easy, cheap, fast access to London, and there never will be to make it viable. Also, the Medway towns don’t want an airport in the Thames estuary, why? Never mind the additional jobs it would bring, the people of Medway have objected on the grounds of noise, and don’t want to lose their sleep for the profit of international big business!! Dennis Franklin

  4. If you cannot even organise let alone attend a planned meeting it just goes to show how inept TDC are. This should serve as a warning to everyone that organising a meeting should be far easer than proposing an airport. Does shooting yoursef in the foot come to mind?

  5. Carole Russell

    Quite agree with all your comments. As for the proposal of the Thames, Boris island and the Medway airport, do they not realise just how many homes will be destroyed in the making of these two airports if they go ahead. The danger of future flooding, not to mention the damagethat shall be done to wildlife is inexcusable. It seems all politicians are blinkered with ignorance, they just can’t see the long term damage they will cause for so many. We should be considering cutting down on Polluting any more air space, not planning on causing yet more for the future.The pollution is increasing every year, the air qualitiy in which we rely on to breathe is becoming worse every year, flooding in most areas all over the world is being caused by all these things including concreting over so much of our land, there is no where for the water to seep into, it shall get worse each year. What a future we are creating for our grand children. The Airport working party do not seem to be able to cope with the situation, it has been a shamble for years, the last meeting was an absolute farce, no work had been done and no one seemed to care, it is disgraceful, we are actually paying them for doing nothing.