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Avia Report

Way back in July, Thanet District Council commissioned Avia Consulting to write a report on the viability of Manston as an airport, giving them £50,000 and a couple of months to complete it. As TDC had already commissioned a report on the viability of Manston as an airport from Falcon Consulting in the summer of 2014, some saw the Avia work as unnecessary repetition while others viewed it as a sensible belt-and-braces precaution.

The Falcon Report stated that Manston would not be viable as an airport without central government support, new transport links, hunudreds of millions of pounds invested, and something like a car assembly plant next door (to generate lots of import and export need locally). The Avia Report has now been published, and it comes a no surprise to NNF that it also concludes that “Manston Airport” is a dead duck.

The Avia Report is available below. Click on the little boxy arrow symbol in the top right to see it full screen. Click on the “Download” option below the report to download your own copy.

The shortcut to this page is: bit.ly/AVIAREPORT

Download (PDF, 7.21MB)

One comment

  1. My favourite quote:

    “AviaSolutions concludes that airport operations at Manston are very unlikely to be financially viable in the

    longer term, and almost certainly not possible in the period to 2031.”