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Artist revives plan for horse statue

‘True angel of the south to rival Angel of the North’

Wingham artist Ian Morrison with a model of the horse
Wingham artist Ian Morrison with a model of the horse

A Canterbury artist has launched a campaign to revive plans for a £2 million metal statue of a horse on the white cliffs of Dover. Four years ago, Ian Morrison, from Wingham, planned a 100ft high steel structure of the rearing Invicta white horse to rival Gateshead’s Angel of the North. But the project, which would have been paid for by sponsorship, lost momentum. He claims there was both commercial and council support for the sculpture, but it never got past the stage of a miniature model. Now Mr Morrison is intent on reviving it. He said:

“All seemed to be going well in 2010. We had land earmarked for the scheme. I had done designs of the horse and we had sponsors lining up to provide funds to pay for it. But for some reason nothing happened. There appeared to be enthusiasm all round, but the whole scheme just appeared to fade away. It’s a crying shame, because the massive horse that we had planned would be a major landmark at the gateway to the UK.”

Mr Morrison says he is now getting back in touch with the council officers and councillors and others he talked to four years ago with a view to getting the scheme back off the ground.

“It would be a terrific landmark for the county — a true angel of the south to rival the angle of the north,” he said. “Given that the finances and the site for it were more or less in place, it’s a mystery to me why it all went off the boil in the way it did. It needs to be got back on track. It would be something the people of Kent could be proud of and would make as much impact in the south as the Angel of the North has in the north.”

Herne Bay Gazette, November 20th 2014

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