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Alabama Rot: new threat to pets

Dog owners are being warned to watch out for a deadly new canine disease sweeping through the country. Alabama Rot is a disease that originated in American greyhounds, but has made the crossing to the UK in recent months. While it can be treated if caught early by a vet, the disease can be fatal.

The first signs of Alabama Rot are skin lesions and swelling, generally on the dog’s legs. If left untreated, the dog’s kidneys will shut down, leading to renal failure.

The cause of Alabama Rot is still unknown, and while the disease started in greyhounds, it does not discriminate against any dogs, regardless of their breed or weight.

Vets4Pets say there have been 46 cases of Alabama Rot across the UK since December 2013, and they’re warning pet owners to be careful, to avoid a more widespread outbreak. Vet Huw Stacey said:

“If a dog becomes infected the best outcome will come from early and intensive veterinary care, which has resulted in some dogs successfully recovering. Any dog owners who think their pet has Alabama Rot symptoms should contact their nearest vet immediately. This will help build knowledge about the spread of the disease and also give a dog the best chance of survival.”

To find out more about the condition, and to get help, click here.

Herne Bay Times 29th April 2015