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Airport Working Party neutered?

Oh dear. What are the members of the AWP going to do to fill the hours? Their Terms of Reference have been “amended”, removing the interesting and useful bits. I guess they’ll just have to make the most of their invaluable research trips around the country to find out what happens at other regional airports. Rather than just phoning them.

  • Deleted: Consideration of the airport’s proposed night flying policy including establishment of parameters for community consultation and assessment of technical criteria against which the policy can be judged.
  • Deleted: Work towards the preparation of a supplementary planning document relating to the development of the airport to provide a policy basis for the Council to steer airport growth in a manner that is environmentally acceptable.
  • Deleted: Research and make recommendations on future public engagement.
  • Deleted: Review the results of public engagement and report to the Panel for decision.


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  1. Billabong boy

    So no mention of an EIA then?

  2. Wellington Clam

    So in essence the AWP are working to errrr….predetermination?