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Airport site plans are simply fantasy

I see that Phil Rose is still living in his misguided, ill-informed world regarding the future of Manston Airport (Use Manston Airport Site For Housing And Industry, Herne Bay Gazette, April 2). The only logical way forward is to allow development as an airport. It was once a successful airport when passenger flights operated to important destinations and flourished as a cargo base. Given time I am convinced that KLM would have developed a successful operation. Many flights left Manston with increasingly good load factors, but the wrong people on Thanet District Council stunted growth and disappointed many potential customers. It was Mrs Gloag who finally killed off the airport with her selfish personal plans. Mr Rose claims that proposals put forward by the Discovery Park developers are not just for housing. He is living in a fantasy world if he thinks that advanced manufacturing, service industries etc can be brought in at a stroke. At the present time, Thanet has an unemployment figure of 5.4% and needs the help of existing industries especially aviation. This country needs more airport availability with Heathrow and Gatwick already overcrowded. We have a ready-made airport on our doorstep, within easy reach of London (a rail extension from Ramsgate is badly needed), a long runway and facilities already in place surely this is the logical move to get this airport up and running. Don’t be deterred by the short-sighted few who protest for the sake of it.

Derek Thompson
Lower Herne Road, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, April 9th 2015

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