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Airport CEOs upbeat

Two minds with but a single thought

Iain Cochrane, chief executive of Glasgow Prestwick Airport:

I believe this is an excellent opportunity for us to attract new investment into the airport to provide the stimulus for future growth.

STV 8th March 2012

Charles Buchanan, chief executive of Manston Airport:

This represents an opportunity for Manston to … attract new investment into the airport and stimulate the growth needed to make it a success in the future.

kentonline 8th March 2012

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  1. Oh dear! CEO's reduced to becoming estate agents. Still I suppose they're happier as their redundancy package will be much higher than any of the other soon to be ex-employees of the airport.

  2. The 250,000 investment in horse trafficking for the rich won't fill any kind of investment chasm, unless of course they're planning to fly, Pegasus like, lots of knackered Police horses, lovely "My Little Ponies" for consumption as horse meat in Europe and beyond.The only legacy that is of any real value is horse manure. Not the stuff that's spouting from Infratil's PR machine, but the by-product of the horse import/export micro-business which could be the only thing that comes out of this muck heap, smelling of roses.

  3. In ten years time I envisage a thriving high-tech business park at Manston, with some decent executive housing built on the Northern grass. The nouveau riche of Ramsgate will all be looking back and saying "Thank goodness we stopped listening to the Neanderthals and did something constructive with the airfield." The moaning minnies who wanted night-flights will all have moved somewhere more in tune with their vision; like the Isle of Sheppey.