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Airbus A380 for training at Manston for three weeks

Manston Airport is due to welcome the world’s largest commercial passenger aircraft for a critical crew training programme.

British Airways’ first Airbus A380, a double-decked four Rolls Royce
engine jet, will arrive at the Thanet terminal for a period of training
in preparation for its launch into service later in the year.

Once the A380 training is complete, the airline’s new Boeing 787
Dreamliner will also make its way to Manston for part of its “entry into
service” programme. Charles Buchanan, chief executive of Manston Airport, said:

“We are
thrilled that the UK’s leading airline chose Manston as the place to
carry out its entry into service programme.
Essentially, this means that training for both the pilots and cabin
crew will be taking place over three weeks with the aircraft departing
from here once or twice a day and also staying overnight.”

Dave Thomas, British Airways’ head of flight technical and training,

“With one of the longest runways in the UK, Manston offers ideal
facilities for our programme. We are looking forward to working with the staff who have been very helpful throughout the preparation period.”

British Airways has 12 A380s on order with flights due to start between London and Los Angeles in October. The manufacturer claims it has the lowest cost per seat and the lowest emissions per passenger of any large aircraft.
Despite having almost 50% more floor space and 60% more headroom than
the Boeing 747-400, it is claimed to be 50% quieter on take off.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently launched a twice-daily service from
Manston to Schiphol, linking Kent with 130 destinations worldwide. There will be no interruption to this service by the A380 training programme.

kentonline 12th Jun 2013


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