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Agenda for Public KIACC meeting


MEETING IN PUBLIC – in the Airport Departure Lounge

Friday 30th November 2012 6.30pm


  1. Chairman’s welcome & opening
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Short introduction to the public part of the Meeting by P Twyman, Chair of KIACC
  5. Short presentations from Community Fund recipients
  6. Report from the Airport Management – a presentation on the airport and its future (Charles Buchanan, CEO Manston Airport)
  7. Thanet District Council – an update on the Council’s position on the
    airport and its development; the work of the Airport Working Party; and
    views on the future (Cllr Hart, Leader of the Council has been invited to speak)
  8. Questions from the public and discussion

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  1. Manston airport has never been a viable choice and never will. Thanet District Council should give Infratil a way out by allowing them to sell the valuable land for much needed commercial and residential use. This is the best way forward. There is no point continuing with the ridiculous schemes to turn it into some type of international airport. The history tells it all. Wake up and issue a change of use planning agreement. Stop wasting money now![Kent Resident]

  2. what a load of tripe[long live manston]

  3. A few weeks ago on the local radio the DJ was announcing how delighted he was that KLM would be operating flights to Amsterdam. NoNightFlights could find out if he lives outside the affected area and if so invite him (by phoning his chat line and doing it publicly) and other supporters like Sir Roger Gale MP, Laura Sandys MP, Sandra Matthews-Marsh (chief executive at Visit Kent), David Foley (east Kent Chamber of Commerce chief executive), Cllr Bob Bayford (Thanet Conservative Group), and Cllr Clive Hart (Leader of Thanet District Council) to stand in our streets, have a cup of tea in our houses, while the planes are going over and witness the intolerable roar and distruption for themselves. All children who live in the area could be present and got together so they could see firsthand who their decisions are affecting. Reports could be got from experts, medicals and our local schools as to how these night flights affect our childrens’ health and education. It could especially be tied in to the recent reports of how people die earlier by living in an airport area. Manston is supposed to pay into a community fund if they breach the night flight agreement but in reality this is an empty gesture by both the airport and council. I have complained about the night flights on regular occasions and each time the airport gives the plane a noise reading of 4 and from what I understand the airport only pays into the community fund if they allocated an OVER 4 reading. But the planes are as loud and as low as can be so the scale is all wrong. The new airport proposal at Isle of Grain is proposing that the flight paths go over sea and no where near residential homes, towns and conservation (are the planes damaging our wonderful architecture and wildlife like parrakeets). This way it is no disruption to residents but they are still benefitting from jobs that are being created in the check-in areas and train transport. But surely the airport is incongrous with the town truly progressing. Who would want to buy a luxury penthouse in Royal Sands development with a jumbo going over your head day and night? How can you relax on our beaches or Ellington Park? or shop? So how can the area attract upmarket businesses and trade? I’ve heard it suggested that Ramsgate could be another Brighton or Monte Carlo! Well they don’t have planes flying low over their buildings. I’ve heard that the coming of KLM to Manston will create 28 jobs. That is nothing compared to the potential jobs that could be created by the increased attracting of retail and leisure to the town such as the new UpDown Gallery and Boutique Hotel of Albion House. Why can’t we open the arches under Military Road and make them into cafes, restaurants (perhaps specialist fish), art gallerys, shops, like Brighton. Or celebrate and compliment our historical architecture and attract specialist and quality antique shops which could give purpose and quality to our flagging High Street. There are so many wonderful ideas that people have but the beauty and potential of Ramsgate appears to be being ruined.[J. Shepherd]

  4. The revelation that KCC is giving a hundred thousand pounds of our money to help market these KLM flights should be ringing alarm bells with everybody, whether or not you support the airport. It is one thing to suggest that all environmental restrictions should be removed to tilt the playing field in Manston’s favour. It’s quite another to suggest that the taxpayers of Kent should underwrite a commercial business venture. Those who support the airport often proclaim that they are doing so because of the jobs it will bring. Well what about the people who are losing their jobs? KCC is making people redundant, but still has enough money to subsidise the airport.[Catflap]

  5. Indeed – Kent ResidentClive (of Thanet) will have us believe that the shower who operate the Airport should/will be supported by TDC’s inadequate corporate economic plan – to bring about a successful conclusion to the lies and deceit that surrounds the whole airport issue – is living under a delusion.Without an alternate use for the airport all Clive of Thanet/Carter of Kent is doing is delaying the inevitable whilst stifling the local economy – instead of strengthening it, but then again its clear the developers will be running the local political system under the guise of the banking crises and fiscal problems.[slipway bob]

  6. It would seem that Rochester has plans to pave part of the airfield to create a high-tech business park which will create 1000 jobs. Those who think the airport is a dead loss are constantly being asked what they would do with it instead. Well, why not a high-tech business park creating 1,000 jobs? Is it that the useless politicos who have ruined Thanet don’t want jobs? Or is it that they think the dumb-ass people of Thanet couldn’t cope with high-tech jobs? I have this to say to the dodgy motor dealers and binmen who run the Council – don’t judge us by your standards. We’d love some high-tech jobs down here and we’d do whatever it took to make sure we had the skills to fill those jobs.[Catflap]

  7. Right on the money Catflap,Not one of the Civil servants at TDC or Cllr’s have run any large scale business so in essence wouldn’t know a right riveting good idea or an alternate use for the dead duck (AKA Manston Airport). I doubt very much they (TDC/KCC/Infertile)would even listen to alternate ideas anyway? It’s most certainly a case of the Blind (developer) leading the Blind (Council)?[slipway bobs mate]

  8. Never under-estimate a binman! Being middle-class is neither working or upper class, just in the middle. Neither is it necessarily synonymous with intelligence, integrity or service to the community. Binmen can bring civilisation to a standstill in a matter of weeks. Generally they are powerful, show unity and solidarity. Binmen should be revered for taking your shit away! Don’t diss binmen.Politicians, especially in Thanet should be removed with the weekly rubbish. How could the binmen refuse this refuse?[Ms Gabriel]