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Advisory group recommend no night flights at airport

No flights to be scheduled between 11pm and 7am at Manston” was the recommendation to the council at a meeting of the Airport Working Party this week.  The suggestion was one of ten agreed during the group’s final meeting before yesterday’s elections.  The advisory group also recommended that:

  • There is a period of one hour at either end of the flying day to allow for late and early arriving flights only
  • A penalty be applied to any flights arriving during said one hour periods
  • No take offs be allowed between 11pm and 7am
  • A schedule of exceptions be prepared to include ‘mercy flights’ aid flights, medical emergencies, aviation emergencies and coastguard movements
  • A new Section 106 Agreement be negotiated within 12 months
  • Infratil or any future airport operator be asked to contribute to the cost of a council airport officer and that the requirement is included in a new section 106 Agreement
  • The AWP considers undertaking an investigation into the relationship between a possible Parkway Station and the Airport and the need for it
  • The council request that airport operators Infratil reviews the operation of the Manston Airport Consultatory Committee
  • The council request a quarterly report from Infratil on how they perform with regards the 106 agreement

The recommendation will go before a newly formed overview and scrutiny panel on May 19 following the elections which will in turn make its recommendations to the new cabinet.

thisiskent 6th May 2011

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  1. Not having flights between 11pm and 7am may make flights more safe for the pilots of the plane. This could cause a large inconvenience for some passengers.