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A reader writes

I have recently moved to Ramsgate, after visiting a friend for five years I fell in love with it and so moved with my whole family. I heard the odd plane when visiting BUT if there were to be night flights I would without a doubt move. These aren’t just planes but huge loud cargo carriers sounding like they are going to actually land on your house.

A taxi driver said to my sister “why move here if you knew there was an airport”. Sorry, but is it not good for the area for people to relocate and renovate the dilapidated houses and spend money in the shops and bars, invite friends down who do the same?! Moving near an airport where planes fly in the day time is acceptable but not during the night when you work!

Of course, I forgot about the “extremely high” unemployment rate in Thanet, maybe it’s the people who don’t work that don’t mind this going ahead. They promise more jobs, utterly ridiculous, How many more? I’ve heard from the meetings, it’s just a CEO’s promises, total lies to get very few ignorant people on board. It’s obvious they would be minimal, night flights would NOT outweigh people moving from the area and losing much needed sleep when you work 10 hour days.

I’m amazed!



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  1. None of the small rural airports are able to provide the number of jobs they have promised. The companies who work out of Manston have laid people off. Where are the hundreds of jobs they said were going to be created?The night flights are about freight or air miles for the pilots, they are not about jobs.

  2. I am amazed still that some people and the press believe everything that is coming out of Manston.How can we trust anything they say when they are currently breaking the no flight zone times (11pm-7am) EVERY night. EG this morning (31st Aug) 5.35am -5.55am 4 planes went over – dont think these were emergeny or humanitarian.This is happening all the time at all different times throughout the night. Just shows their total lack of regard for all of us and the law. Can you imagine what they will do if they are allowed night flights……..