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A choice between the ins and the outs

JOBS are a central issue as we choose our MEPs on May 22. People may find the views of major employers persuasive. Business is overwhelmingly agreeing with Liberal Democrats that we need to be in Europe. Just this week the EEF, representing UK manufacturers, said being in Europe is vital. Almost 90 per cent of their members (employing a huge number of people) want us to stay in the EU. Last week, the Centre for Economic and Business Research published a new study that concluded more than 4 million jobs depend of our EU trade. Eight out of ten firms in the CBI, and the Federation of Small Businesses back membership too. Ukip and the Conservatives who want out of the EU seem to be saying that our major employers and the bulk of British business are wrong.

I don’t think business is agreeing with the Liberal Democrats on a whim. These firms are run by sensible people in touch with reality. Being in means we can sell goods and services into Europe without barriers. It attracts investment. And it means we have a say In making the rules of the single market – unlike Norway that has access to the market but no say, because it is outside the EU. I care about local people’s jobs. That is why I support us being in. The election is a clear choice between saying OUT with Ukip or IN with the Liberal Democrats.

Antony Hook (Liberal Democrat MEP Candidate for South East England)

Herne Bay Times, April 17th 2014

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