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We strongly oppose the proposal to connect any of Canterbury’s Richborough Connection supply above ground. The costs of putting the cables underground are far less than National Grid has estimated. In at least two other European countries, and also in our own National Parks and open spaces elsewhere, the cables have been put underground. The pylons proposed will either be of traditional type, though much higher (160ft than the present ones, or a more modern type of a T-post construction (135ft). Either type will be highly visible from viewpoints over and around Canterbury.

If National Grid can use underground cables elsewhere, they can do so in Canterbury and save Den Grove Wood in Sturry and many other attractive open spaces along the route from a visual blight. We made these points to National Grid back in 2013, but they prefer to ignore them. The public has never been consulted about the decision to bring the link ashore from Europe and there are in our view better places to have put it.

Barrie Gore
Chairman Canterbury District, CPRE Kent, Ashford Road, Charing

Herne Bay Gazette, March 19th 2015

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