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Wildlife survey on the Downs

The Friends of the Downs launch the 2011 Wildlife Survey

The Friends of the Downs and CCC are developing a long-term plan for the Downs, and need to know what wildlife already lives here. The Friends will be working with Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT) and other nature groups to survey the flora and fauna on the Downs over the coming year.

On Wednesday, April 6th at 5pm at the King’s Hall, we will be starting the 2011 Survey with a brief presentation and induction from one of KWT’s wildlife experts, to show us how the surveying needs to be done.

It doesn’t matter whether you use the Downs occasionally, or daily – you will still be able to take part and help us. Places are limited, but if more people are interested than can comfortably fit in one group, we can run another one later. Please contact FriendsOfTheDowns@gmail.com to find out more, and to book your place.

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