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Information Panel sites

Just in from Canterbury Galactic HQ: this is where they’re thinking of putting the new information panels on The Downs…

Rosemary Selling writes:

The signs will be constructed of semi-seasoned oak (FSC certified) with grp panels incorporating the sealing of the finalised artwork in a clear fibre-glass panel. These panels offer weather protection & are uv resistant. Graffiti can be cleaned off (usually the cleaning agents used do not affect the panel beneath). The panels come with tamper resistant fixings. Slight scratches can be infilled with clear varnish. They will be lectern style to complement the views of the coastline. Hopefully the designs too, are sympathetic.

Of course nothing is completely vandal proof but the company we are using has installed many panels in Kent and Medway.  In cases of vandalism or damage we would look at repairs/remedial actions/replacement.

With regards to their locations please see plans attached these show the preferred locations of the Herne Bay in Bloom committee and are positioned to avoid the engineering structures that are in place as you known all over The Downs (and beyond!). It would be helpful if you could you let me know comments by Tues lunchtime.

  • Heritage: opposite Hilltop Road.
  • Orientation: eastern end of Beacon Hill, towards the Hundred Steps
  • Wildlife: next to the George & Mary seat on The Lees

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